The Best Frozen Chinese Food: 6 Options Worth Buying

Are you too busy to cook?

I have tasted all the popular frozen Chinese food, and I am here to tell you which ones are worth buying.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with these quick and easy picks. Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, and you’re good to go!

So which is the best frozen Chinese food? P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal is definitely the best-frozen Chinese food out there. It’s made with white meat, chicken, fresh vegetables, and Lo Mein noodles.

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Here’s my list of 6 tasty frozen Chinese food options.

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal

The P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal is a frozen meal that comes with all of the ingredients you need to cook this dish right in your own kitchen.

All you have to do is add water and oil, and you’re good to go! This skillet meal includes chicken, lo mein noodles, carrots, pea pods, and red bell peppers.

It’s a great way to get a home-cooked meal without all of the hassles.

I liked that this frozen meal didn’t require any additional sauces or seasonings. The ingredients were all pre-seasoned and tasted great as they were.

Plus, the portion size was really generous – I could easily have shared it with another person. This would be a great option for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

This frozen chicken lo mein meal tastes just like the restaurant food but better because there are more slices of meat in each serving, and it has a bolder flavor than what you get from takeout or delivery.

Overall this product gets an A+ from me – give ’em a shot today!

Banquet Mega Bowls Frozen Meal, Kung Pao Chicken With Rice

These frozen meals are a great option if you’re looking for something that is both hearty and flavorful.

The Banquet Mega Bowls frozen meal comes with everything you need to make a complete meal, including rice and vegetables.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen Chinese food in my day, and these are some of the best options that I’ve come across. If you’re looking for something tasty and convenient, then you should definitely check out these meals.

I liked that these frozen meals were both hearty and flavorful.

I liked that the texture of the chicken was tender. The Kung Pao chicken with rice dish had a good spicy flavor!

So if you’re looking for something with a kick, then you’ll definitely enjoy this meal.

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P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Egg Rolls, Frozen Appetizer

These frozen egg rolls from P.F. Chang’s are a great option for an easy appetizer or snack.

They’re lightly fried and come with a sweet chili dipping sauce that really amps up the flavor.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen egg rolls, and these are definitely some of the best.

I liked that they weren’t too greasy, and the dipping sauce was delicious.

P.F Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Egg Rolls are actually mini egg rolls covered in sweet and sour sauce! I microwaved them to make sure they were warm before toastier, but you can also use your oven if that works better for whatever time frame is convenient or necessary.

I enjoy these frozen appetizers because of both their taste and convenience.

Nice & crispy on the outside with a fluffy interior that’s perfect every time!

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P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Spicy Sichuan Style Chicken Noodle Bowl, Frozen Meal

These frozen Chinese food dishes from P.F. Chang’s Home Menu are a great option for anyone looking for something spicy and flavorful.

The Spicy Sichuan Style Chicken Noodle Bowl is full of noodles, chicken, and vegetables in a savory sauce that will really hit the spot.

Plus, it cooks in the microwave in just minutes, making it a very convenient option.

I liked how great the flavor was, and the fact that it’s a frozen meal means I can just pop it in the microwave any time I’m in a hurry or want something tasty.

I enjoy every bite of this frozen meal, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and tasty Chinese dish.

It tastes like an authentic restaurant-quality dish straight from China with no cooking required.

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P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Fried Rice Skillet Meal, Frozen Meal

These days, it seems like there’s a frozen meal for everything. But when it comes to frozen Chinese food, P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Fried Rice Skillet Meal is one of the best options out there.

This meal features all of your favorite flavors, including chicken, rice, and vegetables, in a convenient skillet dish that can be cooked in the oven or microwave.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen Chinese food over the years, and this is one of my favorites.

The rice is cooked perfectly, and the chicken is juicy and tender. It’s also a fairly healthy option, with only 310 calories per serving.

I enjoy this meal as a quick and easy dinner, but it’s also great for potlucks or parties. I highly recommend it!

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Aplenty, Mandarin Orange Chicken

These Aplenty frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken entrees are a great option for those who love Chinese-inspired flavors.

The chicken is breaded and covered in a delicious sauce made with orange juice, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. It’s also gluten-free!

Plus, these meals come with steamed rice and a fortune cookie, making them the perfect complete meal.

I liked that it was a complete meal and that the flavors were really tasty.

The sauce isn’t too sweet and has big pieces of juicy, tender meat with just enough spice to make it interesting for your taste buds.

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The perfect frozen Chinese food is one that has a great taste and texture. They’re also easy to prepare so that you can have a delicious and healthy meal in no time.

In the end, frozen Chinese food is a great option for those days when you don’t feel like cooking or just want something different.

If you want to try some new flavors at home but not deal with making them yourself or going out into the cold weather, then I recommend trying some of these best-selling brands that offer a variety of options.