The 4 Best Frozen Tamales to Keep in Your Freezer

Busy mom? Tired dad? Here’s an easy solution – frozen tamales!

I know what you’re thinking – are they any good?

I’ve tasted all the popular ones, and let me tell you, some of them are downright delicious. You don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking them up, and best of all – no clean-up!

So which is the best-frozen tamales? The 2 Dozen New Mexican Red Chile Pork Tamales are definitely the best-frozen tamales out there. They’re made with fresh, all-natural ingredients and have a delicious red chili flavor. Also, the texture is perfect – not too dry, not too mushy.

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Here’s my list of 4 tasty frozen tamales options.

2 Dozen New Mexican Red Chile Pork Tamales

Do you love the taste of red chile pork tamales but don’t always have the time to make them from scratch? If so, you’ll love these frozen New Mexican-style tamales.

They’re made with fresh masa and real pork, and they’re smothered in a delicious red chile sauce.

Plus, they come frozen, so you can heat them up whenever you want.

I really loved these frozen red chile pork tamales because the masa was light and fluffy, and it didn’t have any of those grainy chunks that can make frozen tamales taste bad.

The pork filling was also tender and flavorful, with just a hint of spice from the red chile sauce. I served them with some rice & beans, and my family loved them!

These new Mexican red chile pork tamales are not spicy, but they have a lot of flavors. The meat is so tender that you’ll want more than just one bite!

The meat literally melts in your mouth, with just enough kick from the chile peppers–a perfect balance between heat & flavor that will leave you coming back again for more. frozen tamales

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The choice of frozen tamales is pretty limited so what I usually do is get the fresh ones and freeze them for a later use. Here are some options of excellent fresh Tamales that will surely satisfy your taste buds, which you can freeze at your convenience :

Del Real Foods Tamales

These fresh tamales are made with fresh ingredients, and you can taste the difference.

The pork filling is moist and juicy, not dry like some other brands of tamales.

They also have a great flavor thanks to all-natural spices used during the preparation process, which gives them a delicious taste.

I think these fresh tamales are perfect for any occasion, so if you’re looking to save time while still enjoying the delicious taste of fresh tamales, then try out Del Real Foods today!

Every bite is a celebration of Mexican cuisine. The rich sauce slides off the soft masa, perfectly cooked pork with hints of wood smoke flavor in every forkful and an expertly assembled tamale that’s wrapped up tight – you can tell these are made by hand because there are no shortcuts!

With a soft, coarse texture and rich red sauce that stains, the masa anise folds beautifully together to create perfect tamales. You can taste every ingredient in these delectable frozen tamales!

So, if you’re looking for fresh tamales, then I highly recommend trying out the New Mexican Red Chile Pork Tamales from Doña Maria.

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Del Real Foods Tamales, Beef in Red Sauce

Another fresh option for tamales is the Beef in Red Sauce from Del Real Foods.

These fresh tamales are made with all-natural beef, and they have a delicious red sauce that gives them a great flavor.

The beef filling is also moist and juicy, making these some of the best fresh tamales around.

Plus, they’re easy to cook in the microwave so that you can have a hot and tasty meal in no time.

I like to keep a few packs of these in my freezer for those times when I’m short on time or just don’t feel like cooking.

They’re also a great option if you’re looking for something hearty and satisfying.

The beef inside Del Real Foods Tamale seemed fresh and authentic with a rich red sauce that covered every inch well enough but didn’t overwhelm our taste buds either – just enough sweetness from being coupled alongside some tomatoes seeds.

The soft, doughy texture and rich flavors will have you coming back for more!

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Del Real Foods Cheese & Green Chile Tamales

Del Real Foods Cheese & Green Chile Tamales are a fresh tamale classic.

These tamales come with a flavorful and creamy cheese filling made with real cheddar cheese.

They’re also topped with roasted green chiles, adding a touch of heat to the dish. If you’re looking for a delicious fresh tamale that’s packed full of flavor, then these are a great option.

I enjoyed the taste of these fresh tamales and thought they had a nice balance of heat and cheese flavors. They’re perfect for any occasion, and they’re easy to cook in the microwave.

I heated them in the microwave, but they still tasted fresh – not processed at all like other store-bought versions that you can find nowadays!

So, if you’re looking for a fresh tamale that’s packed full of flavor, then try out the Cheese & Green Chile Tamales from Del Real Foods today!

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The perfect frozen tamales are ready in minutes, and you can eat them straight from the bag with no mess.

In the end, frozen tamales are a great alternative to frozen burritos and frozen enchiladas when you want something different.

If you want to keep frozen tamales in your freezer for quick meals and snacks, then I recommend trying some of these best-selling brands that offer a variety of options.