The 6 Best Frozen Chips to Keep in Your Freezer: Our Top Picks

Are you looking for a new snack?

If you’re like me, then you love snacks. But not all snacks are created equal. Some of them just don’t taste good, and others leave your mouth feeling dry and gross.

That is why I am so excited to introduce these wonderful little treats that will be the best part of your day! They are soft, moist, delicious, and they bake SUPER FAST!

So which is the best-frozen chips? The Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food French Fries Fried Frozen Potatoes are definitely the best-frozen chips out there. They’re made with 100% real potatoes, so they’re extra crispy and delicious.

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Here’s my list of 6 tasty frozen chips options.

Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food French Fries Fried Frozen Potatoes

Do you love french fries but don’t have time to make them from scratch? Ore-Ida has you covered with their Extra Crispy frozen french fries.

These are some of the best-frozen fries we’ve tried – they’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

I really enjoy the fact that I can just pop them in the oven and have a great-tasting side dish in no time.

I loved that they were so crispy – they reminded me of the french fries I used to get at fast-food restaurants.

The most delicious, golden-brown French fries you can get your hands on. These potatoes are cooked in just minutes and end up with a thin crisp shell that’s perfect for soaking up ketchup or other sauces!

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365 by Whole Foods Market, Fries Crinkle Cut

These frozen chips are a great option if you’re looking for something with a bit of extra flavor.

The crinkle-cut fries add some extra texture and crunch, and the seasoning blend gives them a nice zing.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen chips over the years, and these are some of my personal favorites.

I liked that they were a bit healthier than some of the other options out there, and they had a really great flavor.

These Fries Crinkle Cut are really good. I baked them on a convection oven setting, and it turned out great!

Crispy outside, soft inside, with an amazing flavor that doesn’t need anything else but some ketchup for dipping–we always do anyway.

So if you’re looking for a great frozen chip option, these are it!

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Grown in Idaho Super Crispy Shoestring Fries

Grown in Idaho fries are the perfect frozen chip to keep on hand. They’re super crispy and have a great shoestring fry texture.

You can bake them in the oven for a healthier option or just pop them in the microwave for a quick snack.

These frozen fries are made with real potatoes, so they’re a good option if you’re looking for something that’s not too unhealthy.

They’re perfect for pairing with your favorite dip or just eating them on their own.

It’s the best shoestring fries you’ll ever have! They’re crispy on their outer layer and piping hot inside.

These fries are really tasty with a lot of flavors and great texture.

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Alexia Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries

If you’re looking for frozen waffle cut fries, Alexia’s Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries are a great option.

They’re made with real potatoes and have a delicious crispy texture that will satisfy your cravings.

Plus, they come in several different flavors, including Sea salt, pepper, onion, and garlic.

I liked that they’re not too greasy and have a nice flavor. They’re also a good option if you’re looking for something that’s both healthy and tasty.

Alexia’s seasoned waffle-cut fries are the perfect side dish. They’re well-seasoned and actually crispy when baked, which makes them great for an appetizer or lunch!

Their waffle-cut fries are well-seasoned, crisp on the outside, and fluffy in your mouth with a hint of saltiness that makes them special enough for any occasion!

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Alexia Organic Yukon Select Fries with a Touch of Sea Salt

These frozen fries are a great option if you’re looking for something that’s both organic and gluten-free.

They’re made with real Yukon potatoes and have a light sea salt flavor.

Plus, they’re a good source of fiber and vitamin B12.

I liked that they were a bit thicker than some of the other brands, and the sea salt flavor was just right.

The Alexia French fry is a treat for any taste buds. The organic, natural ingredients make them even more delectable! They’re perfect for a quick snack or as part of a meal. The quality cannot be topped, and they’re always fresh!

The touch with sea salt gives them just enough extra flavor that makes it feel like an authentic experience in every bite, not to mention they’re considerably healthier than other fast food options!

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Grown in Idaho Super Crispy Steak Cut Fries

These frozen steak fries are a great option for those who want something a bit more substantial than your average frozen chip.

They’re big, hearty, and full of flavor – perfect for satisfying your hunger.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen fries in my day, and these are definitely some of the best. They’re also reasonably priced, so they’re a great option if you’re on a budget.

I liked that they’re steak fries rather than your average frozen french fry, and I thought they were very tasty.

If you’re looking for a good frozen chip option that’s a bit different from the norm, these are definitely worth checking out.

They have a great flavor and are hearty. They’re also big enough to satisfy my hunger!

The frozen steak fries by Grown in Idaho are a fantastic choice for those who want something more substantial than your average frozen chip. These fries are huge, flavorful, and reasonably priced – making them a great option for any occasion!

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The perfect frozen chips are one that has a great taste and texture. They’re also easy to prepare and don’t require any cooking.

In the end, frozen chips are a great option for a quick and easy snack.

If you’re looking for some new flavors at home, but don’t want the hassle of making them yourself or going out in this cold weather then I recommend trying one of these best-selling brands that offer a variety of options.